4 Tips and Tricks to Improve your Fuel Economy

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4 Tips and Tricks to Improve your Fuel Economy Gas Pump

We’re living in a gas-mileage crazed world. Everybody wants to get the most out of their tank of gas in order to keep more hard-earned money in their pockets. Here at Seacoast Mazda, we’ve come up with 4 simple tips that anyone can do improve the gas mileage on their vehicle.

Anyone out there looking to save some extra money should first take a look at their vehicle to determine whether or not they are unnecessarily losing any extra gas mileage. There are many different ways that can help such as doing simple changes to your driving habits, and changes to your vehicle itself that can improve fuel economy. While getting yourself into a brand new vehicle may not seem like the most cost-effective approach at first, in the long run a newer vehicle with better technology under the hood can play a huge role in how much of your hard-earned money is spent at the pump. If your vehicle is older and it’s time to start thinking about a newer model, we can help get you into a nicer and newer vehicle here at Seacoast Mazda.

Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Air Filter


Much like replacing your spark plugs, changing the air filter in your vehicle is a great way to not only increase airflow to your engine, but to increase the dollar amount in your bank account.


Check Tire Pressure


Tires, believe it or not, can greatly impact your fuel economy. When your tire pressure is low, the rolling resistance of the tire on the road is increased and this can greatly rob you of your fuel efficiency.


Remove Roof Racks


While having the roof rack on your vehicle is a great way to increase your storage capabilities, it can really harm how many miles your vehicle gets per gallon. Roof rails and the “aerodynamic roof boxes increase your vehicle’s drag and that isn’t good for those trying to maximize fuel efficiency.


4 Tips and Tricks to Improve your Fuel Economy Filters
4 Tips and Tricks to Improve your Fuel Economy Tire Pressure


Improved Driving Habits


While putting the pedal to the metal off of those pesky red lights might be fun and can create an exhilarating driving experience, it does nothing but harm your miles per gallon. The same can be said for suddenly hitting the brakes when travelling at higher speeds. We know that driving fast is something that everybody enjoys, but the best fuel efficiency is achieved in lower speeds.


While these are just a handful of the many simple tricks that will make you a more fuel-efficient driver, we’ll end our list here so you can go out and check your tire pressure and take off your roof rails if you don’t currently need them on. If you’re trying all of these tips and tricks but still aren’t getting the fuel efficiency that you desire, maybe it’s time for a new vehicle. Check out our inventory of Mazda vehicles to find the perfect one that will fit your family’s needs and keep your wallet happy.

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