How does Mazda Smart City Brake Support work?

By Product Expert | Posted in Safety, Technology on Thursday, June 29th, 2017 at 10:19 pm
2017 Mazda CX-3 Smart City Brake Support

With all of the high-tech features that are now available on many new vehicles, it’s a good idea to understand how they work and what they are designed to do. For instance, if you are curious about Mazda’s Smart City Brake Support feature, here’s some additional details regarding how it works to help prevent or lessen the impact of collisions.

Understanding Mazda Smart City Brake Support

Using a laser sensor that is mounted on the windshield, Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) can sense the vehicle ahead of you. If it senses a potential collision at speeds up to 18 mph, it helps prepare your car’s brake system so it’s ready to deliver as much stopping power as possible. If you do not take action, either by braking or steering away, SCBS both applies the brakes and reduces engine output in an effort to avoid the collision or reduce the severity of the impact.
In addition to protecting against frontal collisions, Smart City Brake Support also works in reverse. It uses two ultrasonic sensors on the rear bumper to monitor potential obstacles when reversing at speeds up to 5 mph. The feature also includes Acceleration Control for models equipped with automatic transmission. When the vehicle is stopped or reversing at slow speeds and you accidentally press the accelerator rather than the brake pedal, the system sounds an alarm and cuts off engine power.

Mazda Smart City Brake Support forward and reverse

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