Getting Your Mazda Ready for the Summer Months

By jlambert | Posted in Mazda 3 Sedan on Saturday, May 23rd, 2020 at 3:45 pm

A lot of car maintenance articles focus on preparing your car for the winter months, when the freezing temperatures, ice, and snow wreak havoc on your car’s parts and systems. However, you also need to perform special maintenance to get your car ready for those sunny months when everything seems easy breezy – during the spring and summer.

Here are a few things you can do to get your Mazda ready for the summer months so that you get the best performance out of it:

Check the Tires

Chances are good that you’re going to want to take a trip or two during the summer. You might want to just head to the beach for the weekend, or you might want to take a longer summer road trip. Either way, you need good tires to ensure a safe ride.

Now is the time to check the health of your tires. Note the tread depth, and look for any signs of balding or other damage. Rotate the tires or have them changed as needed.

Replace the Wiper Blades

Rain is more common in the spring and summer. If your wiper blades aren’t working properly, you’ll end up with smears all over your window – which will be made worse when the sun shines on them and creates a glare.

Check your wiper blades now and replace them as necessary. That’s a quick fix that you can even do yourself.

Check the Fluids

Fluid levels can change with fluctuating temperatures. You don’t want to wait until you start your vehicle up or get stranded on the side of the road to find out that your car is low on certain fluids. Take this time to check things like the oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and more to make sure they are the right levels. Or take your car to a mechanic to get the fluids checked and filled as necessary.

Wash the Outside and Inside

Over the winter, your car may have become caked in snow, road salt, and other debris that can degrade and dull your car’s exterior. You need to thoroughly wash the outside of your car to clean it of any remaining contaminants.

Make sure to clean the inside of your car also to get out any dirt or stains left behind by mud, melted snow, and more from the winter. You should air out the car and deodorize it, as well, so that you have a fresh ride all summer long.

You can do all this summer maintenance yourself, or you can bring your vehicle down to Seacoast Mazda for professional service. Our technicians will inspect your vehicle and make recommendations for repairs or maintenance to make sure your Mazda is road ready all summer long. Doing this maintenance will help you enjoy a summer of driving, as well as to extend the life of your Mazda. If you think your current Mazda has seen its last summer, we can also help you find a new one from among our affordable selection of new and used vehicles. Visit us today!

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