Are you preparing for this upcoming winter? This preparation is not just limited to getting your snow-blower fixed and getting your emergency kit together.

You need to think about how your car will be affected by the road conditions. As the roads become covered with snow and ice, drivers will become nervous about driving. Salt will put down to melt the ice and snow and therefore keep drivers safe. However, this will not necessarily keep your car safe in the long run.

The snow and salt can have negative effects on your car. Rust and corrosion can take a newer model car and damage it so it will seem like a much older vehicle.

Fluid film can offer a great deal of protection for all kinds of metals and it will also lubricate all of the moving parts that are at risk.

Not sure about how long they’ve been used? Fluid film has actually been used for more than 55 years in a marine environment on ships and rigs. More recently, they’ve also been used for lawn and gardening equipment, aviation and of course the automotive industry.

It is formulated from specially processed wool-wax, petroleum oils and other selected agents. This will provide corrosion control, penetration, metal wetting and water displacement. Fluid film is a long-lasting product will not dry out nuts, bolts, shafts, etc.

A lot of this is all very hard to process and relate to but all of this science is meant to come together to ensure that your car doesn’t take a beating during these next few months.

If you’re interested in protecting your car going into these harsh winter months, head to Seacoast Mazda, one of the best used car dealerships in NH, and inquire about getting a fluid film treatment. We love to treat our customers and their cars very well.

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