As we get closer and closer to the beginning of winter and weathermen begin to predict the level of snowfall we’ll have on our hands in the coming months, responsible car owners will be looking to protect their vehicles. A lot of buzz has generated around fluid film undercoatings but what is that exactly and why is it worth your money?

Fluid Film is a soft corrosion inhibitor that will not dry and is a proven success as an undercoating for vehicles. Soft auto undercoating like Fluid Film over a hard undercoating will provide a distinct advantage to you. If that hard coating were to get chipped water will get trapped underneath the coating and the surface of the metal and that could even lead to more of a rust problem than you’d be facing initially.

A Fluid Film auto undercoat will remain active by traveling to areas that would be otherwise inaccessible. This will protect the car from moisture, road salts and calcium chloride. As a soft coating, it will need to be re-done a little bit more often. Ideally it would be done every year, or twice a year. If you apply it now, it can and will get you and your car through the winter season.

As New Englanders, we find that the winter season can really be dangerous not only for us as drivers but it can also for our cars. If you’re looking to get your car ready for this season and get it crossed off your check-list and temporarily off your mind, please come and see us. We’ll take care of you and car.

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