The reason Mazda car dealers are such a pleasant environement is not only due to the incredible people that frequently shop for Mazdas, it's the absolutely perfect cars the company produces.

And while there are many reasons to choose Mazda over any other brand in 2014, we've got a few that we're convinced will persuade anyone to give one a test drive. From there, we don't put the sale in the hands of a salesperson's quick talking, we let the vehicles on the Seacoast Mazda lot due the talking for us.

Affordably Reliable

There's no doubt that other brands have some great cars, but when the average car buyer wants a reliable car, they think Mazda. Because not only is Mazda committed to making some of the most affordable cars on the road, they're looking to make sure buyers' money is invested wisely.

Lowest Cost of Ownership Across Multiple Classes

When car buyers are searching car lots for a new or used car, one thing that often isn't taken into account until it's too late is cost of ownership. This means you need to ask yourself: How much will I spend on this car after you've purchased it? After maintenance, gas, and repairs, your average car will likely end up costing you both arms and legs.

With Mazda, on the other hand, you're getting multiple Kelley Blue Book winners for low five-year cost of ownership. With regular maintanence, Mazda's fuel efficient vehicles will cost thousands less than compareable models over the course of the first five years of ownership.

Evolving, Modern Styling

Mazda is committed to making some of the most beautiful entry-level cars on the road. While many manufacturers offer little to no standouts in the entry-level class, Mazda's 3 and 6 sedans have won design awards around the world and continue to impress car buyers.

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