Used Car Dealerships in NH


A car is one of the most important purchases you make in life, and it's equally important to choose the right dealership to help you make that purchase. Among the variety of used dealerships in NH, Seacoast Mazda stands out as a provider of great vehicles and service.

Offering financing to everyone, no matter what your credit situation, the Yes Guys of Seacoast Mazda help New Hampshire's bad credit car buyers get back on the road. 

But whether you've got good credit or bad credit, Seacoast Mazda is a great used car dealership to look for your next car. Take a look at how we plan to help you:

Only the Best Used Cars are Sold Here

Used Car Dealerships in NH

Unlike other used car dealerships in NH, Seacoast Mazda doesn't sell just any car. Our inventory of like-new, low-mileage vehicles is unmatched in the state. You can rely on your used car decision with us.

How to the Best Used Car at the Dealership 

To get the most value out of your purchase, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • A newer car doesn't always mean better: If a 2013 model was driven 40,000 miles in its first year, it may turn out to be less reliable than the 2009 model with 60,000 miles. 
  • Check model reliability before committing to a purchase: Check online for information about model reliability and repair history reports. Oftentimes you can find out how to prevent future problems, saving valuable time and money. 
  • Check for certified status and regular service: Seacoast Mazda has a great selection of certified used Mazda vehicles that have been maintained and thoroughly inspected for quality. Make sure your used car has been taken care of by pulling a CarFax report.

Redefining Customer Service 

There are plenty of used car dealerships in NH that work solely to make the biggest sale possible from each customer, even if that means putting them in a vehicle they can't afford in the long run.

At Seacoast Mazda, we want our customers to be satisfied with their cars and experience years down the road. That's why we work within your budget and never attempt to upsell you out of your price range. 

Financing For Everyone

Having nowhere to turn for a car is something no one should have to go through. Our Yes Guys initiative allows us to offer anyone a car loan, despite a history of bad credit. No banks, no credit scores, and no worries! 

If you've got excellent credit, though, you can get pre-approved for a loan through a lender of your choice or we'll help you find one at the time of purchase.


Seacoast Mazda is located at 180 Spaulding Turnpike in beautiful Portsmouth, NH.


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