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Mazda Car Repair & Service Options in Portsmouth, NH

The service department at Seacoast Mazda takes care of everything, including oil changes, tires, alignment, transmission, brakes, and batteries. We’re the number one certified Mazda service dealership in the area. For years, our car experts have been servicing cars in the area, and we have an excellent reputation.

Regular Maintenance Services

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Tires need regular upkeep. Our technicians can make sure your treads are in good shape, patch minor punctures, and rotate your tires. Tires can tell a mechanic a lot about the condition of a vehicle. We will inspect your tires and determine if your vehicle's alignment and brakes are in good condition.

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Oil Changes for Your Mazda Car or SUV

Use our Mazda service center in Portsmouth for your next oil change. It’s recommended to have an oil change after 3,000 to 5,00 miles. The oil acts as an essential component of the condition of your engine. Here’ a list of reasons to get a regular oil change.

  • Better Gas Mileage: Good gas mileage and a quality oil change go hand in hand. A regular oil change will get you better gas mileage and keep you away from the gas tank.
  • Reduce Engine Wear: Oil changes help reduce excess dirt and sludge build-up in the engine. A clean engine keeps the engine running smoothly.
  • Longer Engine Live: Regular oil changes will extend the life of your car’s engine.
  • Engine Lubrication: A car’s engine produces a lot of heat to run. Without regular oil changes, the car is more prone to overheating. Proper lubrication from an oil change keeps the engine free of drying out.

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Mazda Brake Services near Portsmouth, NH

Good brakes are essential for safety when driving your car. And the more you use your brakes, the more they wear down over time. If you’re finding that it’s tough to stop your car, it’s time for a brake inspection. Let our brake system experts take a look at it for you. We do brake fluid exchange, front brake pad replacement, and rear brake pad replacement. Just call our service department to schedule an appointment.
Brake Fluid Exchange
Brake Pad Replacement
Front Brake Pad Replacement
Rear Brake Pad Replacement

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Your Mazda's Car Battery and Services Offered at Seacoast Mazda

The car battery is the power hub of your car for everything electrical. It stores electricity and shoots out power to every electrical component in your car. The battery interacts with both the starter and the alternator. Electricity from the battery to the starter is what cranks the car up. Once the starter gets going, then the alternator takes over. The alternator is what keeps the engine running. This whole process is what allows your car to run. And it’s all thanks to the battery. Battery issues can make the car tough to start and cause electronic components not to function properly. Turn to our technicians for a new battery to keep yourself from getting stranded due to a bad battery.

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Mazda Wheel Alignment Services

Cars rely on precision to operate safely. Wheels and tires can easily become misaligned due to driving habits or road conditions. Typically, the front wheels are more susceptible to improper alignment. The types of alignment include toe-out, toe-in, positive camber, and negative camber. Improper alignment can cause the steering wheel to shake or the car to pull one way or the other. Proper wheel alignment allows for safe driving, extends the life of tires, and better gas mileage. If your wheels are misaligned, the engine has to work harder and uses more gas. At Seacoast Mazda, our certified technicians can perform alignment tests, including four-wheel alignments. Our technicians are specialists when it comes to working on this intricate suspension system. They can also run diagnostic tests to determine to see if any wear patterns indicate an alignment issue. The alignment of the car wheels is part of a regular maintenance routine. It’s also recommended to have a tire alignment if you get new tires put on your car. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for a wheel alignment.
Four-Wheel Alignments
Two-Wheel Alignments.

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Transmission Services for Your Mazda

The role of a car’s transmission is to ensure that the right amount of power goes to the wheels. It shifts gears like a multi-speed bike, but it’s more powerful. A car with an automatic transmission has a converter that senses changes as you accelerate. It is recommended to change the transmission fluid from 30,000 to 100,00 miles. If you push your car to go faster a lot, pull trailers or are in stop and go traffic a lot, it may need to be checked more frequently. Transmission issues are typically due to improper maintenance. We’ll help you avoid costly repairs from transmission issues with regular maintenance with our Mazda service in Portsmouth. Receiving a transmission flush and a diagnostic test comes with our routine maintenance services. Keep in mind that transmission fluid can clog up like cholesterol in an artery. Keeping fresher fluid in the system will help reduce clogs and transmission failure.
Transmission Fluid Exchange
Transmission Replacement


Contact Seacoast Mazda

Contact the car experts at the Seacoast Mazda Service Department for all of your car’s needs and schedule an appointment. We’re always happy to answer any questions that you may have. All of our automobile work is performed by certified, experienced technicians, and is guaranteed. If you’re a Mazda driver in Portsmouth or North Hampton, Exter, and Stratham, NH area, make an appointment online or stop in to our dealership today and get your Mazda serviced!

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