How to use Mazda push-button start

By Product Expert | Posted in Technology on Monday, July 18th, 2016 at 1:57 am
Mazda push-button start

If you’ve never used a push-button start vehicle, it can be confusing at times! We’ll show you exactly how to use a Mazda push-button start so you’ll have no problem adapting to your new vehicle from Seacoast Mazda!

Using Mazda push-button start is easy

Mazda gear box
Mazda brake pedal

Shift the vehicle into “Park” or “Neutral” position in order to start the engine with an automatic transmission.

Now, depress the brake pedal. If you’re in a manual transmission, shift into neutral and depress your clutch.

Mazda push-button start
Mazda push button start green indicator

Located the START STOP ENGINE button on the right side of your steering wheel. Once the green indicator light appears, press the button. It’s important to let the engine idle for at least 10 seconds after it starts.

To stop the engine in an automatic transmission, shift back into “Park” or shift your manual transmission to neutral. Press the push-button start button to turn the engine completely off.

If you’d like to activate the accessory mode, press the push-button start once

Push-button start in emergency situations

There are ways to shut off your engine in case of emergency. When the vehicle isn’t moving, press the push-button start continuously. This will shut off the engine.

If the vehicle is moving and you need to shut off the engine, quickly press the push-button a continuous number of times until the engine shuts off.

You can also start the engine with a dead key battery. You’ll need to pull the auxiliary from the key and use the auxiliary key to unlock the door. Follow the same steps as above. A green indicator light should illuminate after you have depressed the brake. From here, touch the push-button start button with the backside of your key while the green indicator light flashes. When the light finally turns green it means you are ready to go!

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