The Horse and Rider relationship

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Mazda Jinba Ittai meaning

What does Mazda’s “Jinba-Ittai” mean?

What does Mazda’s Jinba-Ittai mean? Jinba-ittai is roughly translated to “person and horse as one body.” Like the symbiotic relationship that develops between the horse and rider over time, Mazda strives to create the same relationship with its cars and SUVs and the driver.

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We’ll highlight “The Theory of Everything,” a story featured Mazda’s Zoom-Zoom online magazine. The article details why Jinba-Ittai is the key concept at the heart of every Mazda. Check out the full article right here.

Mazda design language

“There was a moment when I was driving that I suddenly no longer felt the existence of the car. I thought, this is it”
Tetsu Kasahara, Assistant Manager, Chassis Dynamics Development Department, Vehicle Development Division

Mazda vehicle development

“I spent a lot of time learning from Mushitani-san the basic theory, mechanics and ways of disciplining the car”
Hiroshi Kawata, Assistant Manager, Chassis Dynamics Development Dept., Vehicle Development Division


The Story of Horse and Rider


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